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 The Rules.

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The Rules. Empty
PostSubject: The Rules.   The Rules. Icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2008 2:47 pm

1.No Spamming.
Spamming is like making pointless posts, making pointless topics/threads, or just making something really dumb.

2.No Advertising.
No advertising unless it is in your sig. or your avatar. (or your website slot in your profile)

3.No Flaming.
Flaming is starting a "fight" in the middle of a topic.

4.No backseat Moderating.
Backseat moderating is when someone says "Back to topic" or "That's Spam" just report the post or PM a staff member with a link in it.

5.Don't double post. Don't post twice, in an other meaning, wait until someone posts after you, then you can post again. if you do on accident, please contact a staff member and we will take care of it.

6.Don't post inappropriate pictures/langauge.
Don't post adult materials, or anything that is considered offensive. We want to keep this safe for parents, and there kids.

7.The Staff:


Head Mod: Jman228
Grizzle Man

8.Don't not ask to be a moderator or an administrator.
If you do ask, you will lose your chance to be one.

9. These Forums are copyrighted!
If you steal anything of ours, we will ask nicely for you to remove it, if you dont, we will have to contact forumotion.

10 Rooms.
These rooms can be only accessed by some amount of posts.
We might add them, we might now, so....Coming soon!

Most of all.....Have Fun!

If you have anymore questions, contact a administrator.
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The Rules.
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